October 19th, 2012

Base: Take This Road

Okay, I Need to Quit

...halfway reading recaps of Nice Guy. Just finished glancing through the one on Dramabeans, and an interesting point was brought up that I hadn't considered: [spoiler]did Maru know that going through that tunnel might jog Eun-Gi's memories? Is he seriously pulling some big sacrificing BS right now so that Eun-Gi wlll regain her memory? If so, I will be so pissed, man. I mean, yes, there is to be fallout, but why rush it, martyr-boy? Grrr. Though if that is the case, it might prove to me once and for all that he really does love her, and is not just using her to get back at Jae-Hee anymore, which, yay. I think he does love her from what I have half-read, but...well, let's just say I'm not 100% convinced just yet. Time will tell.

Yes. Time will tell, but I will regain my willpower and not even try to find out until AFTER THE FREAKING DRAMA HAS ENDED. WILLPOWER, SELF. FIND IT.

I will talk about the ending of Arang tomorrow, when I am not exhausted and have firmly stuck my Nice Guy obsession behind me. Or at least off to the side, to save for later. Yes.

Though I will say this. I am pretty sure that if both Arang and Faith have a happy ending, Nice Guy will not. And I hate to say this, but Faith, your ending better be awful, because I am far, far less invested in you than Nice Guy.

Also, on a completely shallow note: They should stick Song Joong Ki in all the red shirts.