October 18th, 2012

Base: Windmill

Drama, drama

Why so awesome, Nice Guy?

Also I am saving the last two eps of Arang (yes, I picked it up again!) until they are both finished, so I can take them in as one big pile of awesome.

Faith is almost over, but I am not sad. Think it should have ended a bit earlier, honestly. Which doesn't mean I don't love it, just that it's not the kind of story that needs 24 episodes, in my opinion.
Base: Windy Dress

Man, I am Weak. WEAK!

I say again: WHY SO AWESOME, NICE GUY? I caved and read about half of koala's recap for episode 12. This drama is going to break me, isn't it?


Please don't break me, Nice Guy.

ETA: You know what? Break me if you must, but please, please don't lose the plot in the last stretch. Stay awesome, Nice Guy. Don't lose it and make me cry for the wrong reasons.

ETA 2, because WEAK:[Spoiler (click to open)]Holy shit, Eun-Gi totally knows that she tried to off herself now! I don't think she knew that before, and if she did, then she definitely knows now that Maru was in the other car.ARGH, THE ANGST IS GOING TO COME BACK! And they were so damn happy. Dammit, dammit, dammit.