June 24th, 2012

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Final Thoughts
I really, really liked Goong. It was charming, and to be honest, had almost every single trope that I love in my dramas: arranged marriage, a hero who starts aloof but has a heart of gold, and a sweet, charming heroine who finds her way into the hearts of all through her bubbly personality. The only thing this drama didn't have that I find I love (though only in fiction, thanks) is the student/teacher noona/dongsaeng romance. Yes, towards the end Yool's angsting got to be a bit much, and I will never like either the King or Crazy Mama, but overall most of the characters did eventually win me over, even HR. And I have to admit that as Chief Crazy Villain, Mama did her part very well. I didn't appreciate the over abundance of wrist/arm grabbing going on, but I have come to accept that it is standard fair in dramas whether I like it or not. I find that I tend to prefer the fluff over heavy angst, and this drama delivered. Also, I am choosing to believe that Grandma is just jumping the gun with the pregnancy thing, and the panicked looks that Shin and CK shot each other were ones of "oh yeah, they don't actually know that the deed wasn't done on our big 'marriage consummation night'. Oopsie" instead of "BABY!?"

So, it was cute, and not only did I watch it all the way through (a feat for me, as of the 20 or so that I've seen since I got hooked, I have only watched four in their entirety), I will probably watch it again, and make my mom watch it when the discs come in via Netflix. Cute, cute, cute.

P.S. I now totally get all the bear discussions/comparisons/complaints w/r/t Playful Kiss. Still think both are adorable.

Not sure what I want to watch next. Waffling between Snow White, Sweet 18, and 1% of Anything. Will have to read the synopsis of each again to make a decision.
Base: Take This Road

Sweet 18

Ten minutes into episode one, I realize this is going to be cracktackular. The only question is whether it will be in a good way, or more of the eye-rolling variety.