September 10th, 2011

VM: Talking it Over/V apologizes

The het, it has eaten my brain! VM Fanfic.

This came about after my marathon this weekend, because I can't get over the fact that Veronica never once bothered to just ask Logan about anything regarding the cameras in A Trip to the Dentist. Why didn't she ask? We're not even going to get into Leave it to Beaver.

Anyway, fic.

Title: Trust Issues
Fandom/Pairing: VM, Logan/Veronica
Rating: PG-13? I use the dreaded effword. Is that enough to get me an R?
Summary: A what if? fic. Specifically, what if Veronica hadn't run off after finding the cameras in A Trip to the Dentist?
Disclaimer: I didn't buy Veronica and Duncan's OMG true love. That alone should probably be able to convince you that I am not, in fact, Rob Thomas and do not, in fact, own these characters.

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