February 24th, 2011

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From Within: A Review

I happen to be a huge fan of the horror movie. And yet I find that most of the time, what I am looking for - something with a decent creepy to outright scary vibe that isn't all about the blood and violence - is harder to locate than one might imagine. So when I find a movie that manages to be creepy without splattering blood for blood's sake all over the place, I get excited about it.

From Within wound up being one of those movies. I have watched it three times now and still kind of love it to pieces, and so will more than likely purchase it if I can manage to save up some cash for the purpose. Anyway, since I can't seem to write what I think of it and why in essay format, a bulleted list of what I did and didn't like about the movie. But before that, quick summary

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So there you have it. I would love it if this encouraged someone to watch the film, but it is very scattered and I wouldn't be surprised if it had the opposite affect. Also I am not sure if anyone actually reads this. Either way, I had fun making my list, and really, in the end that is all that counts. :)