October 22nd, 2007

Base: Take This Road

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So, lately I have been craving new music like whoa, right? So I get this idea. I will put my top five songs of the moment here, for your listening pleasure. Then, you oblige me by doing the same for me, either in a comment here or on your own journal. Hopefully, this way we can all hear some new music. *grins*

This is not a meme, there is no tagging, I just really want to get some new things to listen to. Here goes. My Top Five, in no particular order:

1. Si Volvieras a Mi ~ Josh Groban

2. Wake Up Call ~ Maroon Five

3. Running Up That Hill ~ Placebo and Kate Bush

4. Into the Night ~ Love, Inc.

5. Sea Lion ~ Sage Francis

Thanks for playing with me!!
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