June 21st, 2007

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Right. I only really want one thing: a revamped journal. Seriously. I am going to be permanizing my account sometime this week, and I would like to make my journal pretty now that I wont have to worry about whether or not it'll stay there. But, I am a complete dunce at this stuff. Mostly, I cut and paste what looks cool. No, really. And depending on the pc, it looks...um...kind of funky, to say the least.

Help? Please?

ETA: Right. I am so full of shit. I also want it to be July 13, and then skip along to the 21st, so that I can get my HP fix. I am trying to remain totally unspoiled for the last book, but it is hard. I knew about Snape killing Dumbledore for a whole month before the book came out last year.

And, randomly, the Jersey Boys soundtrack is really good. *nods*

Oh, and read Rant by Chuck Palahniuk.

And dance! Dance, damn you!
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