May 24th, 2007

Base: Take This Road

Fic, HP

Title: Revenge
Fandom, Pairing: HP, and none. 'Tis a torture fic, people!
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,075
Summary: It has been three years since Dumbledore's murder, and Harry is finally able to take his revenge on the man who committed it: Severus Snape.
Standard "Dont Sue Me": Um...don't sue me? It's hers, I swear. Trust me, if it were mine, "I need to know what Malfoy's doing indside you" would've been NOTHING like the book. :)
A/N: Ok, keep three things in mind when you read this. a) I have only written three HP related fics in the past year/year and a half, and this is one of them, 2) I did it at work, and c) if you give me a bad review that means I will have to hunt you down, and honestly, I am too lazy to feel good about the hunting bit. :) Kidding, kidding. Or am I? *raises brow*

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