April 12th, 2007

Base: Take This Road


The movie meme that is going around. Rules: Pick 10 of your fav. movies, go to IMDB and write three keywords. Friends guess, you laugh, life good.

I) Guest, Eccentric, Invitation guessed by space_meat
II) Bisexual, Relationship, Drugs
III) School Life, Handcuffs, Star-Crossed Lovers
IV) Weather, Memory Loss, Magic
V) Teen Movie, Arm Amputation, Mental Retardation
VI) Balcony, New York City, Guitar guessed by space_meat
VII) Bitch, Clique, Student Principal Relationship
VIII) Revolver, Zombie Violence, Pistol
IX) Dancing, Stylized, Social
X) Stabbed in the Chest, Heroine, Freedom
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Base: Take This Road

Belated Birthday Wishes...


I am sorry that I am one day late...forgive me? AND if you are doing something for your bday this weekend and want the Liz to participate, she informed me that she is in. :)
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