March 3rd, 2007

Base: Take This Road

It DOES exist, peanut!

So I was reading TWoP's America's Next Top Model recaps, and the recapper mentions a "movie that I saw when I was a wee lass that no one believes is real. A bunch of evil people kidnapped children and made them work at a factory where their hair was harvested for paintbrushes. Literally, everyone who I tell about this movie thinks that I'm insane." I was curious, and when curious, I Google, yes I do. And Collapse ) is what I find.

I have SEEN this movie, yo, and it weird. I vividly remember the kid walking in the wind and his long, peanut butter colored hair getting tangled around his legs and in tumbleweeds and stuff. But no one I talked to ever remembered this movie. It's nice to know that it actually exists, just like I always knew it did. Just like that movie where a girl gets trapped in a room and these three men are on the other side of the door and they are evil. Then both the girl and her mother die and become ghosts and shoot of into the stars. Or something. It does exist!! Just like "The Peanut Butter Solution"!
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