May 7th, 2006

Base: Take This Road

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So, today Rachel took me to prom. Well, okay, not really. But there was a prom, and there was dancing, and dinner, and me in a skirt. What really happened is Rachel took Little Sister Sarah and her date, Big Steve(that's not really his name, but I kinda forgot the real one, so we're going with Big Steve until further notice)to their prom (which was mucho gorgeoso, by the way, and why oh why didn't our juniors make enough money to give us the pretty pretty?), and then terrorized the town for four hours while the two of them danced the night away. Though there was some impromptu dancing on our parts as well, first at the fabric store and then later in the car in front of the prom hotel, which frightened first the customers and then our old math teacher and his wife. Ahh, that takes me back. :D
And there was Mythos! Mythos is of the good. Oh, yess. And the nice owner told me and Rach that we should dance with the belly dancers next time. We both gave emphatic "NO"'s...but he didn't seem to believe us. The food was, of course, delish. Mmm. Then we went skirt shopping! Oh, joy and fun and kittens and rainbows. Twas great fun, actually.

So, all you Ren Fair ppl, how was it? Fun? Of course it was! If you do get the Rach to go this year she says that I must be in a bodice, too. I laugh when she says this. She's a funny one, that Rach.

And Tam, when you read this, you must drop whatever you are doing and geek out over Wednesday's Ghost Hunters ep with me. Freaky, wasn't it?

That is all, and somehow I thought that it would take up more space. Ah, well.