April 22nd, 2006

Base: Take This Road


Hee. So, in honor of nothing in particular, I have decided to have a HP film fest. I'm sitting here and suddenly I'm transported to Memory Lane, the time when Dumbledore had AIDS and Hermione liked to clutch tissues infested with Hep C, and the budgeting for the films was way, way lower. Ah, the first time I saw the Whomping Willow...when I realized that Moaning Myrtle looked quite a bit like my darling Tam...when Harry was cute and didn't show his nipples. *laughs as Holly turns green* And I must say that I never really understood why they couldn't just by lil Danny Radcliffe green contacts. Columbus was so big on recreating Harry's world on screen, but he sure as hell missed one of the biggest freaking points...one of the points that JKR hit us in the head with over and over. Ah, well. Leastways there was no shoe-throwing over that...or sitting in the aisles with feet and hands straight up in the air...or kicking trashcans. Ahh, the joys of Harry Potter.

ETA: I also think that if Hogwarts ever did a sex ed sort of thing, that Madame Hooch should be the one to lead it. I think that she would do just splendidly. "Now, grasp the base of the banana firmly..."