January 7th, 2006

Base: Take This Road

Wherein I succumb to the inevitable and turn into a Grade A Fangurl

Okay, fine. I give up. I just recently bought Firefly and Serenity on DVD, and it has to be said that I am in love with them both. Definately enough to wonder why in the world the show got cancelled in it's first season. There's snarking and fighting and cursing in other languages. There's kidnapping and stealing and plastic dinosaurs. I know that some of you guys are probably rolling your eyes at me right now, but to this I say, "Don't make faces." The whole show is amazing, and yes I realize that I am not being articulate enough to do it justice, which is why I have this by shadesofbrixton. More eloquence. Less babblishness. And serious fandom love.

Speaking of Firefly, isnt this a great icon?

Twas made by pnr and I would dearly love to be able to keep it for my very own use, but LJ wont let me upload it! *is sad* Ahh, well. Enjoy the pretty.