December 12th, 2005

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I'm tired, so so tired, yet it feels as though there are a million tiny bees buzzing around under my skin.

Today was a good day. Sean treated me to lunch and a movie, yay! First we went to the mall, seeing as we were planning on going to Applebee's and we wanted to see what was playing and at what times. Lemme just say that I dont believe that me and the mall shall be friends until the happy Christmas season is completely finished. Ick. I loathe crowds, and these crowds were full of the little people that they call children. *shudders* I'm not fond of children in general, and when you get a bunch of them in one place it gets worse. And it doesnt help that when people shop they tend to stop in the middle of the ever-loving aisle. Just stop, right there in the middle, and when you run into them because they stopped, they glare at you like you're the one who did something stupid. Argh. I just love Christmas.

After the eating (because the mall is a tool of Satan), we went to the Movies 22 and saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where I proceeded to geek out as usual, but it wasnt so bad because we were at the top row where no one else was sitting, and we didnt get glared at(for once). All in all a good day.

I'm trying to make myself sleepy so that I can go to bed. I figure typing all this out will make me sleepy. NOT WORKING. It's a painful thing to find out, that being tired and being sleepy are two very different things, and one can come while the other stays far, far away.

King Kong is very popular again it seems. No one pays it any mind for years, then Peter Jackson decides to do a remake and boom! King Kong is everywhere.

I'm watching Jaws. I dont think that I will ever quite get over my love for that movie. Every time that I see it is on, I watch. Watch, Lizz, watch.

Okay. Shutting up now.