October 16th, 2005

Base: Take This Road

Drabble-ish thing here, H/D

I finally post again, and I come bearing Drabble-ish substance. Whee!

Title: None
Pairing/Fandom: H/D, Harry Potter
Rating: Tame. Veeery Tame.
Summary: When Draco has chocolate, Harry knows what he wants.
Word Count: 182, like I said, drabble-ish
A/N: This is for enchanted_jae, who requested chocolate, a new kitten, and a pet snake/parseltongue. While I didn't quite get all of them spot on, I hope you like it. :D
Disclaimer: Right. That's it. I admit it, I am JKR, darnit, and I have always, always wanted to make Harry and Draco do the nasty...but sadly my editor said no friggen way. Really. Believe me? No? Good.

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