May 14th, 2005

Base: Take This Road

He's here, the Phantom of the Opera!!!

Kay, first, update. I bought The Phantom of the Opera's soundtrack today, and I luuurve it! Gorgeous voices, oh yes.

Secondly, I like meeting Kari's friends. They are v. v. good for my self esteem. :D

Thirdly, I don't get a day off till Tuesday, and space_meat I would much appreciate it if you could stop by and see me, I have MUCH to tell. (and trust me, it's worth ditching the hwork for a couple hours) Also, we could watch SoUE.

Fourthly, go here if you have ever looked at a fanfic summary and thought WTF? The whole thing had me cracking up, esp. the comments. Go now. Read.