May 4th, 2005

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I find myself rather annoyed right now. It seems to me that if one orders something off of a website, that they should get what they ordered when they are told they are going to get it. They should NOT have to sit around waiting forever for said item to show itself...if it ever does. This is what makes me mad. And for future reference to anyone who is thinking about ordering something off of a merchant on DO NOT ORDER FROM BOOKEXPRESSO. They suck. I had to file a claim for a refund, because I haven't received what I ordered. It was supposed to be here Friday. It isnt. I am not happy.

But on the bright side, my car now has a working radio. That makes me quite happy, I have to say. I dont know how people live without music. Buh.

Oh, and I had fun last night. I went out with two of my coworkers and their friends, and we had a blast goofing off and drinking in the desert. First we played pool, though, and I revealed just how much I suck at the game...but it was all good anyway. They invited me to a party this Sat, but I doubt I'll be going. The rents are gone for the weekend, and the siren's call of having the house all to myself to do whatever I want is proving to be more irresistable than getting drunk and committing questionable acts while under the influence...perhaps not to remember them in the morning. Not the best idea, as I have a tendency to want to make out with the nearest person when I am drunk, and Just no.

Which reminds me. The Sarah stopped by this evening, and invited me to some event this weekend, but I'm not sure I can make it. If it's far away and at a late hour, then no, cuz I have work, and I can't ask for a day off because two of the boss shaped people are taking that day off to go see motocross. Bleh, I was rather looking forward to going, too. It would beat being cooped up in the house all day doing nothing...and wasnt I just saying that that's what I wanted? Hmm...I suppose it's just the whole being alone at night thing I like...heaven knows why. During the day I go stir crazy, especially on my days off. All I wanna do is get out of the house, but everybody has other things going on. Makes me feel so alone! *sniffle*

I need soda...but I am out, and there's no way in hell I'm running out to get some this late. It'll have to hold till tommorrow. I'm feeling rather sleepy right now, too, prolly because I only got three hours of sleep last night. I got in the house around three-thirty, and for some odd reason my mum woke up at three and was in the mood to talk forever...I think it was the coffee.

Hmm, this post is a bit longer than I inended. All I meant to do was go off about bookexpresso, and I wound up babbling again. Blah.

Oh, and check out my Sin City icon. *points* 'Twas made by theothernight and I like, I like. I took two, but if y'all are in the mood for some iconage you should check their journal out. Lots of icons, all kinds of themes. Lovely stuff. Go. Look. Love. Take. Credit. Eat Cheeto's. Sleep.

ETA: Hot damn, Phantom of the Opera is a good movie. I'm watching it for the second time in as many days, and I love, love, love it. I feel so bad for the Phantom, though. Poor guy. *sniffle* I'd love him forever if he would sing to me...I'm shockingly easy like that. ;p