April 1st, 2005

Base: Take This Road

I love my dead gay show!

Hey there friends and neighbors. Guess what I got yesterday? *laughs as space_meat turns purple* Angel, Season Five on DVD, baby!! I'm watching 'Smile Time' right now, and it amuses me greatly. Oh, yes.

In other news, life rather sucks, as I have no car. Yes, I was in an accident the other night, and although both parties involved (ie, me and the other driver) are fine, my car...not so much. So I am sadly without transport...but as the accident was completely the other driver's fault, I think the insurance will cover it.

To oh-so-subtly change the subject, today I leave for Vegas. Hopefully after my parents are done yelling at me (they seem to be under the belief that the accident was my fault, even though the other driver is the one who caused it), the weekend will be fun. I get three workless days to relax and figure out how I'm gonna do my job without a car. Perhaps Geo can fix up the station wagon and I can use that until we figure out what's to be done with my car. *cries* My poor baby!

Well that seems to be about it...I'm off to watch more of my wonderful dead gay show.