March 26th, 2005

Base: Take This Road

I have given into the temptation at do I feel good!

So I finally broke down and did it. Bought Angel Season Five on DVD. And a skirt. Oh, and tomorrow, I get to buy the thirty dollar part for my car, and then pay twenty five more dollars to have it installed. Whee! Oh, and maybe Applebees, if I talk to space_meat before I leave for the wedding shower.

On the plus side in all this spendage, I get a three day weekend! *cheers* Thank God for Easter, people. Easter makes me happy.

Ooh, and check out my userpic. Pretty, huh? Gacked it from some random person on Shnoogle. I like it muchly.
Base: Take This Road

Nah, m'just a worm.

*does happy dance* I'm getting Angel, I'm getting Angel, and if I miss an episode or two it wont matter cuz I can catch up on my laptop! *tries to look nonchalant, then winds up happy dancing again*

As you can see, I'm hardly regretting the purchase of my stuff last night. P'raps I'll regret it more when I get my bank statement, yeah? (Nahh...)

The wedding shower was okay, I guess. Completely not my thing, but I went for the sake of the sis. And this weekend, Vegas, baby! Whee! It sucks a bit cuz I am not yet able to gamble or drink or any of that good shit, but I'll get to see my grandma again. Haven't seen her for about two/three years, so this will be fun. Getting my nails done on's so nice to have a coworker who is also a beautician.

Buh, I'm tired. I woke up early this morning so that I could get my car fixed before I went to the shower, but the part that I need has to be ordered and my car can't be fixed for two more weeks. Nice stuff. Le sigh. I cannot stand one of the people who works there. I knew him when I was younger, and I cant stand his attitude and I dont like the way that he looks at me. Creepy. *shudders* So sufface to say that there's no way in hell I'm gonna get my car done by'd make me too uncomfortable.

I want to see Sin City. I didn't at first, but I have to say that it's getting more interesting the more commercials of it I see. Shocker, really.