January 20th, 2005

Base: Take This Road

I can smell your spicy brains...

The cd player in my car hates me. Oh, yess. I was minding my own happy business, driving along, and things were fine. But then! Tragedy struck. I go to change my cd, and bang-it decides that it's gonna screw up. So now I have a cd stuck inside the player with no way to get it out. Joy.

As a result of this merriment, I am heading on into town tomorrow to see if I can get the problem fixed at minimal cost to me. That is how it works, yes? Anywho, Holly, if you read this before tomorrow, do you want to come with? I'll prolly be leaving around one or so, so you can get sleep and all that good stuff. Just lemme know.
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    Without a Trace...aliens and butt probes, oh my!
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