December 1st, 2004

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I am a moron. That's really nothing new, but hey, I'll explain this one, yeah? Here goes.

I have had a bit of a problem with insomnia for most of my life. It comes and it goes, and when it comes I wind up falling asleep around three or four, and since I have to take my lil sis to school in the morning I wake up around seven. Sometimes I can get back to sleep round eleven in the morning, but it doesn't help me all that much because i have to get back up at twelve or one to pick her up.

Kay, now that you have that wonderfully enlightening backstory, I got myself a wonderful idea yesterday. I thought to myself that if I refused myself any extra sleep at all during the day, I might be tired enough to go to bed earlier and actually sleep. I was wrong. Basically what happened was I felt really really tired, and went to bed around eleven...only to lay there trying to sleep until four. Go me. On the bright side I got to sleep in till ten today because my sis had cramps and couldn't go to school.

The odd thing is that my insomnia usually only kicks in during times of high stress, and I don't *think* I've been stressed lately. Everything is going pretty well actually, so I don't get it. Whatever.

In other news, not all that much to report. Life is great, Life is good, and that really isn't sarcasm. :)I am going a little stir crazy being in the house so much, but after this week that should change, thank goodness.

And ooh, I write fanfic! No, seriously, I wrote a little one off that is mainly me turning the 'Snape is Harry's real father' cliche into a parody, and oh-so-subtly (or maybe not) inserting in my newly acquired dislike of Dumbledore. I'm gonna post it here and ask that all my friends please please pleeaase tell me what you think. I need to know if it's good enough to post on a fanfic site. Honest opinions are lurved and snogs go to all those who reply. :D

Presenting:The Big News


Pairing:It's up to the reader in the end.

Rating:Let's say R to be safe.

Summary:Dumbledore tells Harry some shocking news. Harry is less than impressed. Ooh, and a portrait faints.

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