October 27th, 2004

Base: Take This Road

when i was just a lil baby girl my mamma used to tell me these crazy things

ello ello. i am rather hyper this evening...but i should prolly try to calm down, as once i get up tomorrow i cannot fall back asleep. damn. im going to see the grudge tomorrow! yeeehaw! and im prolly gonna visit the dad tomorrow as i have plans friday, and i wont be able to see him. *pouts* oooooooh well. saw comes out friday. i wanna see it; it looks v. v, good. ill have more later i believe, but right now i cant concentrate.

ETA: i was just rereading my whole journal, and it occured to me that i used to have quite alot to say. now i dont, or i do but im too tired to even think about posting...or too hyper to sit still long enough to post.

anywho, im watching the candyman right now, which is another one of those funny funny movies that is supposed to frighten the masses. but i have to say that the best funny movie that was sposed to be scary is the ppl under the stairs. in fact i do believe that i might buy it one of these days, when i have the money and the time to search for it.

speaking of movies, i saw this odd little french film the other day. its called 8 women and its got everything a french film should have. subtitles, lots of smoking, murder, and lesbianism. and if that werent enough, theres also a suicide AND the characters randomly burst into song. im like, hellooo?? i almost died laughing. really.

i had coffee today, which is why im still rather awake instead of sleeping, which i would normally be doing at this moment. and not just any coffee...oh no. double mocha cuppacino. the 20 o.z. cup. but it was so cold today that i had to have something to warm me up, right?

i get my first paycheck on friday. im excited. most of it is gonna be gone as soon as i get it, seeing as i have to go shopping for clothing and shoeses...but after that i should be able to save some so that i can get my own place sooner. cuz when i get my own place i no longer have to deal with the crap my family likes to put me through...and i wont have to chauffer my sister around anymore either. oh, joy.

my cat just went all spastic on me. perhaps shes had some coffee as well?