October 12th, 2004

Base: Take This Road

lets try this again

oh, i fucking hate hate hate my pc. i just posted about 40 links to stories, and it decides that itll tell me that it cant find server when i post, then it erases everything that i did when i try to go back. piece of shit. its times like these when i really really wish i had a punching bag...

ill try this one last time. *deep breath* these are some hp/ss recs, so if you dont like the pairing, bugger off. kay, here goes.

1) What has Been Missing by Amythest Lupin

2) Someone to Share it With by Anita Dapperens

3) Beech Hall by Auctra Sinistra

4) Quid Pro Quo by Auctra Sinistra

5) Never Long Enough by Cara del sol

6) Broken Bonds by Diagonalist

7) Bringing out the Hidden by Diagonalist

8) Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate by Dianann

9) A Better Offer by Diana Williams

10) The Courtship of Harry Potter by Diana Williams

11) A Convenient Marriage by Diana Williams

12) The Things you Discover Over Dinner by DragonLight

13) The Somewhere Out There Story Arc by DragonLight

14) Overhead, Underfoot by Evil Brooke

15) Extreme Snape-Over by gwennie357

16) Shattered by gwennie357

17) Longer by Isildore 13

18) Sober Awakening by Jadzia

19) Too Wise to Woo Peaceably , Look Pale With Love and A Kind of Merry War by JayKay

20) An Indecent Proposal by jinglefairy

21) Holiday Sneer by Kira

22) Too Young to Fall in Love by kira-nerys

23) Love's Curse by Loretta

24) Hearts and Flowers by Lux

25) The Medean Curse: A Romantic Comedy by Lydia Lovestruck

26) The Same Coin by Meri

27) A Good Buy by Minx

28) For Services Rendered by Minx

29) The Love Charm by Minx

30) The Match Maker by Minx

31) Once More With Feeling by Obsessed One

32) Absolution by Rushlight

33) Rites of Passage by Rushlight

34) Virulentus Somnium by Salix

35) The Perfect Plan by Seeker

36) Anything by Telanu

there. now hopefully this one works or i might really be tempted to smash something. *coughcomputercough*
Base: Take This Road

i wish i were an oscar mayer weiner...

so i applied for a job the other day, as a driver for a pizza place. dont know if ill get it, cuz the owner is a tad iffy about letting a young female drive all over the place at night...well see. the bright side is that if i do get the job, i wont be starting until monday, which is peachy keen since i cant work this weekend, due to going to the beach.

speaking of which...the beach is in three more days! three more days...i can hardly wait. cept i need to get laundry done, as i dont have anything to pack yet. :D i meant to get some (if not all) of it done today, but then i fell asleep. i think i spend way too much time sleeping lately, as i fell asleep after taking the sis to school, woke up to go get her, stayed awake for bout an hour after getting home, and promptly went back to sleep for four more hours. and im still tired.

oh, and i noticed something odd about myself the other day. i like harry/draco slash fics right? well i was rereading some of my own work, and i realized that while i prefer to read h/d slash where draco is the dominant one, yet when i write, its always harry who winds up dominant. and i also make harry much more likeable than in the books, if i do say so myself. :) he has a sense of humor, and doesnt whine about his problems and how no one loves him. what a shit. arg.

ETA: you know that movie, 'awakenings', with robin williams? i just watched the last part of it, and it made me cry. it always does. sniffle. its just that i wonder what it would really be like, to live in a funk for most of your life, then suddenly you are fully awake and aware of what's going on around you, and you can actively participate...but then you find out that its only temporary. its a sad thought.