September 29th, 2004

Base: Take This Road

love me two times baaaaaaby!!

i am scarily hyper at the moment. i sometimes hate it when i get like this...times like right now, when there is no way to keep mysef entertained but surf the net and jump around...and you better believe that i do both! only thing is that i have no one to share my hyperness with, and that kinda sucks, as there is nothing better than being hyper with friends. but at the moment there is no one to be hyper with. me holly bear has school in the morning, and even if she didnt shes sick, so thats a no go. rach and sarah are both out of town, and anyone else i hang out with really dont do too much, they just sit around, and thats not what i need when im like this. i need adventure in the great wide somewhere...i want it more than i can tell...teehee

on a side note, no town today. town friday, which is prolly better anyway as then i wont have to worry bout getting home right away and The Bitch wont be there. i do not like my stepmother, can ya tell? *grins*

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    Break on Through ~ The Doors