September 16th, 2004

Base: Take This Road

follow the butterflies, follow the butterflies...

i have been spending the past few days in a state of semi-awakeness. i dont know why, but i cant seem to sleep very well lately. perhaps i am stressed? im unsure what about, but maybe deep down in my subconscious i am. sure. lets go with that.

im working on a rec list at the im sure holly will love (hear the sarcasm, dear?) its getting rather long, and im thinking i will add it to my last recs list, just to save myself the trouble and so that it will all be together...*immediately starts singing, "Lets get together, yeah yeah yeah" under breath*

lets see...updates? nothing really, just contemplating how much coffee ill need to start drinking to get myself all the way awake. driving the car has become slightly easier, but at times it still bothers me. oh well. rents taking off tomorrow, so house pretty much mine for a few days. that i like. i like it good.

i think its about time for me to turn in. yep.

before i go, though, it has to be said that jack nicholsons eyebrows really really scare me. they do. more than moths, i think. now i know how holly feels about chuck norris' beard...though i still think ill make fun of that particular phobia. teehee...

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