September 4th, 2004

Base: Take This Road

oh, how i hate her

i got my car today. and boy, was driving it not fun. im fine as long as im going, its getting started that's the problem. poor holly got stuck with me on what has to be the busiest intersection in this pos town, and i tried to start the damn car for twenty minutes with no success, until finally i got it into reverse and managed to pull it into a nearby gas station. it was horrid, and i want to apologize to poor holly again for the amount of screaming i did whilst trying to get my car to stop stalling. i have to practice hard, because i have class on wednesday, and i have to be able to handle the car by then. *gulp*
Base: Take This Road

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so, i made me mum join me on an excursion to learn how to use my stick shift today, and boy do i have a story to tell.

at first, were just gonna go around town, so that i can get used to putting the car in first, stopping and starting, that sort of thing...but then george says that he needs me to take the battery that he bought for the other car back, so that i can get some gas money. i agree, despite being worried because i will now have to go a town away. but i have mom with me and she knows how to drive a manual so im not too worried. so there we are, driving down ccb, and weve just left the town when suddenly, bang! the tire blows out. so i pull to the side and we call george and he comes and puts the donut on the car, and off we go to buy new tires. arg. but when all that was finished i drove around town, and i did really well. im getting the hang of it, thank god. so holly, next time we go out, i wont be yelling. yay!

im going out again tomorrow, and probably again monday, just so im positively sure that i can manage it for classes. im pretty sure i will though. im verra verra relieved. i had thoughts that i would never get it! :)

on a side note, i want to go to the fair. i really do, oh yes, but it ends monday and i am no closer to getting there than i was last week. *sigh* oh well.