August 30th, 2004

Base: Take This Road

wheres the rum gone?

i am not at school today because my p.o.s. car decided that it was time for the battery to die. lucky me. i dont know when it will be fixed yet, but i hope soon. had odd disjointed dreams last night that i can barely remember. am watching now and then, which i love for reasons totally unknown to me. am making buttered noodles, which i also love because they are delicious. will probably have to drop math because of the car fiasco. im not too peeved about that though, considering my schedule was all fuckered up anyway. oh well. dude i love this movie.
Base: Take This Road

i loved him like a brother... so i took no pleasure in killing him

hello again! still here, still bored, but am now watching final destination 2.  to be honest, the only good thing about the damn movie is the death scenes. wonderful stuff. my personal favorite has to be when the boy gets flattened by the glass sheet. its great.

aaanywho, im trying to talk my stepfather into getting me some ice cream. i like ice cream. i like it good. :) i guess that's it, but knowing me ill come up with something a bit later to talk about.


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