August 25th, 2004

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arg. i have the evil math class tomorrow. have i ever mentioned how very much i hate math? im sure i have once or twice...i spent about four hours on the freaking homework today...and yesterday when i got out of the class my head felt like my brain was too big for it. that is not a cool feeling, lemme tell you.

but i like my health teacher is funny, and he says that he is afraid of public speaking, which amuses me mightily, i must say. and it seems like it will be pretty easy, which is good, considering the math will be taking up my entire life pretty soon.

oh arg, i have that dumb training thing tomorrow. why oh why? i keep telling myself that i have to do this so that i will have money for the beach...because i am so sick of making my friends do less because im poor. its annoying. ill get enough money for october if it kills me. so there. im just a little afraid that ill fall asleep during the training and then theyll be like sorry hun, you wont cut it. teehee...then theres the fact that i dont know anyone whos interested in buying cutlery. all i really need is the interviews, and i know ill have about three or four of those, but then what? i dunno. ill just have to keep reminding myself that im doing this only till october, and then i can find something that i really want to do...with any luck the library job will be open by then, and i can do that instead.

on the brighter side, in two weeks i get to drive my new car for the first time. yay. and then ill have a radio, and a working ac...and i think ill be in heaven...dude, have you seen that evil coke commercial with the evil singing chick whos handing out cokes to random ppl? it scares me. personally, i wouldnt take an opened coke from the singing chick no matter what. definately not happining, ppls. and holly, you need to tell me how to use the hyper link thingie, k? cuz i dont get it at all.