August 23rd, 2004

Base: Take This Road


i start school today. yukkers. the only thing that im really upset about is the lack of sleep ill be getting, paired with the insomnia and the having to get up about two hours earlier than usual. that and the math. hate it. but today is health, so no big...and its only an hour long class. sleeeeeepy. wah.

in other news, not too much is going on. im dreading the whole job training bit, but i guess i have to do it. i have to just keep thinking about getting enough money for the beach...and hopefully that will keep me from killing myself...or someone else. :)

also, i guess im getting my car earlier than expected, which is good, even though ill be losing it again less than a week later. *cries* evil parents, i tell you. but on the bright side, they will be gone, and i can have fun by myself. just kick the sister over to her friends house and me and my friends will be just fine, thanks.

well, thats all she wrote, at least for now. prolly be back later to go over first day of classes.