August 21st, 2004

Base: Take This Road

i had a thought, barbosa...

...and its prolly gonna get me lynched by hp fans everywhere. the thought is that they really should have stopped doing the movies after the third film. i like harry potter just as much as the next person--or more, depending on who youre talking to--and sure, id like to see all seven books made into film, but lets get a lil realistic here. the kids playing the parts of harry ron hermione etc will be getting older, and its no use trying to get jkr to write faster. the sixth book isnt even out yet, ppl, and the kids aint getting any younger. and in my opinion it would be virtually impossible for any other kids to take over the roles, as now everyone thinks of them as their characters. i dont know if im making sense to anyone else, but i am to my own mind. isnt that a comfort.