August 16th, 2004

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so me and two of me friends are officially going to the beach in october! yeeeesss! sure its a ways away, and itll be colder than it is now, but what do we care? were gonna be gone for a weekend and having the best time. were going to sea world and well have a lil suite like place all to ourselves, with no parents to tell us to calm down or stop bouncing around or to go to bed...though my parents dont particularly tell me to go to bed...its mostly the bouncy thing they yell at me about. youd think theyd be happy to have a cheerful daughter, but no, theyre just mad that im so hyper all the time. :p but anywho, three days about two hours away is verra verra good. me likee.

in other news, school is less than a week away and i still lack one of my books. the school had a backorder and now im all worried that they wont have the books in time for class, which would not be good as in order to sign in, we need a lil web thing. its like a lil remote control and its bright blue and as of yet, i dont own it. i really really hope that the books are there by at lest thursday, so that i can go into town when my sis needs to go in for her foot therapy and get it.

oh yes, on a better note, im getting my car soon! yay! i get it on the 11th and i cant wait. i still need to learn how to drive a stick but im feeling more confident about it as i have been watching my mum drive hers and it doesnt really look as hard as i thought. i am getting over my fear of the Evil Clutch. that is good. anyway thats about it for me, drop me a line if you want. :)