August 8th, 2004

Base: Take This Road

Hi, ho, the dairy-o, it's the only place to be...

well, i just posted for the first time ever in contrelamontre. and the story really isnt that great. but its a start, right? to be truthful i havent written much fanfic at all in the past few months...its no wonder the stuff im turning out right now is shitty! but i hope that being in an improv group will help me out with that. arg, maybe right? is starting soon. yuck. but i guess itll be okay. maybe. perhaps. teehee, nahh, itll be fine. all i have to do is order my books, and ill be good. math tho...yuck. hate math. i guess that its about time i stop goofing off tho. i should look at the requirements of the colleges i want to go to, and start working to get rid of the general ed reqs, so that i can transfer. yay. right.

well that seems to be about it right now, fun huh?
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