August 3rd, 2004

Base: Take This Road

yo yo you yo

well, here i am...back. yeah. so...ozzfest? it was great...except for the horrible aching sun that burnt the shit out of my neck, shoulders and face...oh yeah, and the fact that there was so much dust that i couldnt stop coughing for two days...oh, and the half naked men swarming around with their nasty sweaty bodies...i totally got swarmed at one point and lemme tell you, it was gross. all those naked chests...and they werent pretty, lemme tell you. tho there was this one pair of nipples that was pretty nice...hollys gonna hate reading that, i know, but it was true. dude attatched to them was taaaall...and not to bad looking himself. but what really got me was the nipple rings *sighs* i do so adore body piercings. anywho...the prices were ridiculous..five dollars for a freaken soda...five more for water...and dont get me started on the food. ugth. good thing for me that i had downed my burrito before id really tasted it, otherwise i mightve been sick. the second stage bands were not really my cup of tea, so to speak, but i did think that slipknot was pretty cool. ooh, and i likee the frozen lemonade they sold. yummee. now, as for the main stage...the first band reeked, i dont know how they even managed to get first stage...though i have to say that the lead singer/screamer man was rather funny...he reminded me verra verra much of my dear hollys father, who tends to go into rants suspiciously like the ones the lead singer went into. was afraid for a moment that the two of them were related...or the same person...:) the next band i cant remember very well...ah yes, now i know. the first band that i heard was actually the second to play, as we had to wait in line for forever to get the freakin ninety dollar soda and water!!! grrrrrr...anyway, the third band, dimmu borgir, was also amusing. the music reminded me of the labyrinth soundtrack, and i half expected david bowie to start singing...but instead, this satan voice started singing...and it was cool. slayer, i barely paid attention to...not that the music was bad, but there was this man across from us who was much much more entertaining than the band. he kept screaming "slayer", and "fucking slayer" was rather amusing...oh, and so were all the air guitars being played. ahh, the people were funny. but then...the sun went down, and judas priest came on. and it was fucking pandemonium. they seriously rocked. then the whole thing perked up, and the fun was there. i only knew one song, but who fucking cared? i still screamed my bloody head off...i was digging the shiny silver jacket. and then, of course black sabbath performed. i love black sabbath, and ozzy really is so much fun to watch. the man has power. i realized this when i was watching him order his lil minions (aka, all us in the audience) around, and watching us following whatever the hell he said like lemmings. made me feel like all the group mentality ive always protested against was finally working its magic on me. sweet. either way after priest the time was fun. cept my skin was ucky from the sun, and so were my lungs and eyes..ah, well. great tho.

anyyywhoo, on to other things. i found out on sunday that i am getting a car. holy freaken hell. its so adorable, this lil mitsubishi thats a bluish green and so so cute, it only has a hundred thousand miles on it and shes selling it at a really really fair price...but the only prob is that its a stick shift...and i cant drive one. but holly (thats the lady thats selling it to me, not you hobo) said that she would teach me, and i hear that she is really patient, so its cool. i wont get the car for a few months cuz she has to take care of some business first...but im still in shock, quite frankly. mum just sprung it on me on our way to lancaster sunday...i thought it was about something totally

so that is about it for right now...arent ya glad you stopped by?