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that is how i feel right now. waaaay pumped and excited, as tomorrow we go to the beach! this makes me rather happy, i must say...i dont know if i will be sleeping tonight, too really tired too, so maybe i will sleep. well see i suppose. so there is new news on the job front, but i wont mention it here, as my dear holly might read this this evening, and i plan on telling her and rach together tomorrow, so that she doesnt have to hear it twice. gee, i feel smart. *grins*

so there is a good chance that i will be editing this about four or five times tonight, depending on how sleepy i get and how many rounds of skip bo my mum  will play with me. i like playing skip bo.

hollys bringing trivial persuit. yay. i love trivia. i dont know too much about it, but i love it. holly and rach will most likely kick my ass, but i can deal. :D

i am such a dork. today on jeopardy there was a clue whos answer was seaworld and i got all excited and pointed at the tv going, "im going there in two days, baby." i am such a tard...but its all good. :D

Tags: fun: sea world

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