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dude, its the song from the beginning of donnie darko! *snogs launchcast radio*

i love this song. *starts randomly singing the words she knows* i am rather hyper this evening, as my mum misunderstood me earlier and bought me the gynormous pepsi rather than the smaller version. wheee!! only problem is that i really should get to sleep, as i have no time to catch up on anything tomorrow, considering the fact that i once again decided to put everything off to the last minute, and i have yet to get my stuff together for the beach trip. ah well, it wouldnt matter if i was prepared already, id still remember fifty something things that id forgotten on friday. 'sides, itll give me something to do. :)

good news, i guess. i am gonna be called in tomorrow for a job interview. got the heads up from ang this evening. only fly in the ointment is that i might be gone when they call me, as i am going into town tomorrow to visit the father and maybe shop a lil bit. well see. but this time i am definately dragging panda along as dad never gets to see her and it kinda upsets him. buh.

i doubt ill be getting any sleep tomorrow night either, cuz ill be so excited...but i dont know what time were supposed to be holly if you read this tomorrow night, do me a fav and let me know, huh?

well i guess th-th-tha-th-tha-thats all folks!

Tags: fun: sea world, personal: work

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