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i wish i were an oscar mayer weiner...

so i applied for a job the other day, as a driver for a pizza place. dont know if ill get it, cuz the owner is a tad iffy about letting a young female drive all over the place at night...well see. the bright side is that if i do get the job, i wont be starting until monday, which is peachy keen since i cant work this weekend, due to going to the beach.

speaking of which...the beach is in three more days! three more days...i can hardly wait. cept i need to get laundry done, as i dont have anything to pack yet. :D i meant to get some (if not all) of it done today, but then i fell asleep. i think i spend way too much time sleeping lately, as i fell asleep after taking the sis to school, woke up to go get her, stayed awake for bout an hour after getting home, and promptly went back to sleep for four more hours. and im still tired.

oh, and i noticed something odd about myself the other day. i like harry/draco slash fics right? well i was rereading some of my own work, and i realized that while i prefer to read h/d slash where draco is the dominant one, yet when i write, its always harry who winds up dominant. and i also make harry much more likeable than in the books, if i do say so myself. :) he has a sense of humor, and doesnt whine about his problems and how no one loves him. what a shit. arg.

ETA: you know that movie, 'awakenings', with robin williams? i just watched the last part of it, and it made me cry. it always does. sniffle. its just that i wonder what it would really be like, to live in a funk for most of your life, then suddenly you are fully awake and aware of what's going on around you, and you can actively participate...but then you find out that its only temporary. its a sad thought.
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