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i feel much better today, as i took the time last night to pace around my room and rant at the wall about random things...i must have looked pretty crazy, but it helped, so i dont mind too much. i think i should invest in a punching bag though, as i really need something to hit when i get all angry like that.

am planning an excursion into town again sometime in the next two weeks, to see the dad and perhaps have a chat. well see how that pans out though.

still sorta working on recs list...i want to have my favs on it before i post, that way i will have an easy way to find them. i feel so smart. :) but soon i think it will be up, which is good as it is already quite long, at least in my opinion.

so i was taking a quiz that was supposed to be answering the question of where i would be sorted if i was to go to hogwarts. im sitting there waiting for the answer to come up and i find that im thinking 'just not ravenclaw'. where the heck did that one come from? it was rather weird, as ravenclaw isnt a house where one usually begs not to go. so odd.

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