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to be perfectly, brutally honest, i have no freaking clue what is wrong with me. im just sitting here, minding my own business and suddenly i want to scream and throw things. i dont get it. im not gonna try to pretend that i am the calmest person in the world, cuz im not...but im usually a whole hell of a lot calmer than this. if i could explain it away, i would, but oh well, as it stands i feel like hitting something...or someone, i dont much care.

my stepfather is watching contact, which in my humble opinion is not that great. buh.

soon i will be at the beach, though, which is good. and after that i am parent free for three more days, which is even better. i like it when there are no parents around...i like it better when there's no one but me around, though sometimes i need company. kay, im done.

Tags: fun: sea world, movies, personal: rants

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