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i like beef...teeheehee

well, okay, i know that this is rather belated but HAPPY BIRTHDAY </a></b></a>space_meat !! her birthday was saturday and we went out and had ourselves a blast. twas fun. we went and saw hp3, which i absolutely adore, and then went to eat. we also went to the spirit store where we got the holly her willy wonka hat. yay! we also got her this birthday girl tiara that we forced her to wear the whole day. fun stuff. also, to add to the fun, i managed to come home with a cold as well. joy. *sniffle*

on weds im gonna be heading into town to see my dragging poor holly along for company, but im not gonna make her see me father with me, as im sure it would be uncomfy for her, cuz she doesnt know him and all. im hoping that she and sarah can go shopping or something for a few hours while im visiting, so that poor hollys trip isnt wasted.

other than all that not much is going on. im rather sleepy, but thats the norm, right? i finally fell asleep round four thirty this morning, only to get up at six. life is good...but the oddest thing was that i didnt feel tired at all despite missing all that sleep time. interesting...

Tags: friends: birthdays, harry potter: books and movies

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