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riddle me this, riddle me that

you know, i was just thinking that it would be so cool if there were real chocolate frogs, and they could jump around like in the hp movies. i think i would take great pleasure in biting their heads off. i suppose this makes me rather sadistic, eh? oh well, sadistic or not, it would be cool. yes, yes, i did pull wings off of flies as a child. :)

well, that was really all i had to say. im thirsty, but theres nothing to drink...ah, wait, we got a new bottle of sparkletts. good-o. i thought that we didnt have any more, and that would suck as there is nothing else to drink in the house and i wont touch the tapwater cuz im spoiled by the good water we have. there isnt even any coffee, cuz i drank the last of that this morning. there is lemonade, but i think i made it wrong cuz it tastes funny...and that is kinda sad actually, cuz who in the world makes kool-aid lemonade wrong? i dont know.

ooh, speaking of totally random news that pops into my head at equally random moments, i really like the movie jawbreaker. it was on today and i watched it, and i dont care how really dumb it really is, i just love it to pieces...and really, anyone who knows me could understand why. i have a thing for dorky or plain old odd clue. or crybaby. i would say like rhps or heathers but since those are well watched and liked i guess i cant say that theyre dorky...but rhps is odd, odd, odd. i have to add that i think that some of the ppl who claim to like that movie really dont, or havent seen it, because they think that it is the new definition of rebel or being different, when really its just conforming with all the ppl who think they are different for whatever reason. im not a big fan of conforming. rather annoys me actually. arg, another great couple of movies are labyrinth, the breakfast club and sixteen candles...but im not a huge fan of pretty in pink. that movie makes me gag. ooh, and willy wonka and the chocolate factory, and i know that holly will agree with that one. teehee.

anywho, all i really wanted to talk about was that chocolate frog thing...look what happens when i get off  the subject...*rolls eyes*

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