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oh, i was born in the land of cotton...

oooh, i am aggravated right now. let me just say that the worst hour of my day is split up into two halves, and these halves are when i drive my sister to school. the whole way there she is going on and on about how much better than me she is, how ill never amount to much, i cant do anything, blah blah blah. the whole way home is more of the same. arg. i really would like to be angrier about this right now but i just ate and so im all content. damn. perhaps ill be able to rant better about it later. buh.

so. i guess ill be going into town tomorrow. if i didnt my mum would prolly kill me, as she hasnt received the check repaying her for my books, and of course it has to be my fault. i hope ill see my dad tomorrow too...p'raps get some money from him, or lunch. yeah.

great. im feeling all sleepy right now, cuz i ha something to eat and my tummy is full. s'funny, though, because i fell asleep really early last night. was so tired, and still am...and i doubt that i said anything that made much sense in this update. whatever. pth.

Tags: personal: rants

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