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i finally saw hp3 today...yay for all i can say at the moment. honestly, it was actually a really good film. sure, they missed a few things, but who gives a flying fuck? they got most of it right, if not in the right order, but honestly, what on earth can you expect from the hp movies? i say that this director did an infinately better job than the last, and for that i am grateful. tho the third book is my fav, i have found that if you look at the movies and the books as two seperate things, then it isnt so bad when they fuck it up. yeah, besides, there were good changes, like hermione punching malfoy. hell yeah. hate that little twerp ever so much. stupid shit. oh, god. there we go again. see, lately i have been rather obsessed with alliterations, and i have noticed (like a true psycho), that jk rowling uses alliteration a lot with her names in the hp books. ie, deladus diggle, bertha borgin, peter pettigrew, severus snape. yeah, baby. i am truly pathetic.

i am fucking lazy tonite, so i will leave you with this: "it wasnt my was meeeeeee!!!!"
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