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bugga bugga not sure i have all that much to say, but i felt that i should update to keep up appearances. yes, thats right. so the rents were gone this weekend and i had a pretty good time. got to see a friend of mine that i havent spoken to in forever...and all i gotta say is that i wanna be just like the ppl who hang out at fastrip aaall night, cuz man are they the coolest! no, really, i admire them so very much!

on a side note i found out that when the rents are gone in october, they will be gone till the weds after the weekend that i do the beach. i say that is v. cool.

on another side note, watched big fish today. i really really love that movie and will prolly have to buy it sometime. the only thing is that it makes me cry, and cry hard. im such a boob sometimes, i swear.

Tags: fun: sea world, movies

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