Lizz (random_glitch) wrote,

Some Musings On Weddings

So I have been thinking about the wedding that we're going to get. We have been told that it will be "heartbreaking and raw, and honest", and I am so down for all of that. There was some worry about the use of heartbreaking, but I am not worried. Parts of their Monday episode in Soap Week broke my heart, but not in a bad way.

I think that they are going to clash a lot in terms of what they want. I don't think that Robert is going to want some huge 'do, but I do think that he is going to want it to be perfect, just like his proposal, and like his proposal Aaron (and the rest of the Dingles) are going to keep that from happening.

I can also see Aaron wanting everything to go right, too, because he's never been married and it's Robert, who he loves more than anything. I could see him being insecure because Robert has already had the big wedding and might not be interested in repeating the whole thing (well, I can't see him wanting to repeat the Katie part).

To be honest when I first heard that there was going to be a proposal, I thought it was too soon. They aren't ready, I thought. They still have way too many issues, I thought. And I thought that if one of them wasn't going to be in to it, it would be Robert, because that's what you'd expect, right? Robert is the one who plays it hot and cold. Robert is the one who was so reluctant to move in together, who has hesitated around every big step for their future.

And then. And then Friday happened, and Monday, and I completely changed my tune. I fell head over heels for Robert Sugden and I have come to believe that he really loves Aaron. Aaron turns him into a lovesick sap; whenever Aaron so much as stands next to him Robert gets all soft eyed and fond. He loves him so much and he wants ot give him everything, and because of that I honestly think that he's not going to be a roadblock in this whole thing...unless being a bit too keen can be seen as a roadblock.

I used to think that it would be Robert who would be hesitant about setting a date or planning things, because you know one of them has to be, but now I am beginning to wonder if it might not be Aaron who is unsure.

Or maybe neither of them will be. Maybe they'll both be totally committed to the idea, and it will be outside forces that drive them bonkers. Considering Aaron's family, that might just be the case. Remember how Robert was late to his wedding with Chrissie? Perhaps we'll get a worried Robert at the altar, and and Aaron who is late due to family nuttiness. Or perhaps Robert is late due to some Dingle mischief, and Aaron begins to believe that it was all a mistake. I'd prefer Robert waiting because I think it's too obvious to make it Aaron, but pretty sure that's what we'll have, if that is the case at all.

Or I could see a wedding sort of like Turk & Carla's, where they miss the ceremony but are there for the reception, and then get officially married later. The only thing that is for certain is that Chas will get drunk and force Aaron to dance. And Robert will laugh at him but hearts will be coming out of his eyes because he loves Aaron so much.

I guess that is the part that i just can't get over. How much Robert loves Aaron. I will start worrying about cheating plots in a year, but right now I just...I want to bask in the love of that my OTP has for each other.
Tags: meta: emmerdale, pairing: robert/aaron, tv: emmerdale

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