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Emmerdale Robron Preview - 17 October 2016

I have seen this preview clip about eighty times now. Someone please send help.

So the scene opens with Robert in the barn, proposing. And he decorated!

My God, Robert Sugden is a giant sap. Who even knew that he was a giant sap? I sure as hell didn’t, but hell if I can't get behind it anyway.

Robert: So I know you think I don't want this after what I said the other day, but I didn't mean it how you thought I did, and…well anyway, I just…I wanna marry ya. Will ya marry me?

He is the most adorably nervous thing that I have ever seen in my life, though:

Look at his little face. Look at him twisting his fingers. Good God I think I'm in love. I honestly never thought that those words would come out of me regarding Robert flaming Sugden. Ever. What is this show doing to me?

Aw he looks so excited.


And how Robert's face just falls when he realizes that no, that wasn't as good as he'd thought hahaha:

Vic: Forget what I said. You need to think about it. Like, a lot
Robert, very Offended: He'll run a mile if I go over the top (this is not untrue)
Vic: You're nowhere near the top (this is also not untrue)
Me: *cackling*

There's the sound of a car approaching, and Vic hops up.

Vic: You know that thing you said this morning, about him and your future? Just say that, 'cause that might actually get you a yes.

She pats his arms twice and makes a break for it, getting out of there just as Aaron enters. Robert turns around to meet him, and ha, totally gestures his head at his ridiculous little picnic scene with its nine thousand loaves of bread, seriously.

All the bread. I don't even know why.

It's hilarious how proud of himself Robert is about this little set up, but Aaron barely even seems to care.

Aaron: You do know we've actually got a bedroom now don't ya?
Robert: Yeah, and *laughs* half your family and a pub full of people
Me: Oh, you are so nervous I think I want to hug you. WHAT EVEN IS MY LIFE ANYMORE?

Robert moves towards Aaron and rests his hands on his waist, and adorably, Aaron reaches up to rub Robert's arms. It looks so comfortable and cute and they're all smiley and I am dying. How will I even deal with Monday, for real?

No, but really. Look at what I have to deal with here:

And then Aaron is like Mr. Mood Killer.

Aaron: *scrunching his face up and being far too adorable for the mood killing vibe he's working right now* Still stinks in here
Robert: Careful, ey. You're starting to sound like a romantic
Me: Oh, like you didn't painstakingly put all your bread together and then sit around practicing proposals with your sister like a soppy lovesick git.
Robert; Shut up

So Robert (looking particularly smitten, I might add) goes in for a kiss and Aaron gives a brief one back before pulling away, looking all conflicted. MOOD KILLER

Robert: What?
Aaron's mouth: There's nothing
Aaron's face:

But Robert is on a mission, so he totally ignores the fact that Aaron's face and Aaron's mouth aren't actually in agreement, and goes in again, only this time Aaron pulls away before he can even get there.

Robert: What? Have I done something wrong?

And he looks at his little set up that he was so proud of just minutes earlier like this:

Robert's thoughts: I knew I should have brought more bread (no I am never letting this go. Deal with it)

Aaron: No, no.

He sighs, and his face goes through a number of amazing conflicted expressions before settling on this:

So then he leaves the barn, poor Robert following him after him all panicked.

Robert: Aaron! Where are you going? Aaron, what is it? WHAT?

Aaron, oh God, Aaron.


Robert: Seriously? Today of all days
Aaron: So this was probably your poor impulse control rubbing off on me


Me: Right. Am I not supposed to find this funny? Because this shit is hilarious.
Tags: pairing: robert/aaron, recaps, tv: emmerdale

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