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Emmerdale Robron Recap, 14 October 2016

Before this recap begins, I think you should understand: this show (and this ship) has eaten my life. That is all.

Robert visits Rebecca at Home Farm, and we never get to figure out why, because literally three seconds after he enters the place, Rebecca is trying to get into his pants. She has assumed that he is there because of yesterday. Because her insistence that he called her and begged her to come and help him prove that her family was working to frame his brother was actually because he wanted her got him thinking and now all he wants to do is hop into bed together. Or something. Girl has a very healthy self-esteem, is what I'm saying. And a very pretty dress/legging combo going. Say what you will about Bex (and I have and I will), her clothes are rad. I want her entire wardrobe thus far, aside from the first dress. Didn't like that one.

But seriously, cute, cute:

Here, have a transcript:

Rebecca: Your message sounded urgent (don't bother wondering what message, you'll never find out)
Robert: Are you sure we're alone?
Rebecca: Unless Chrissie's bugged the place
Robert: Wouldn't put it past her.
Rebecca: Well, now that you're here *grabs the lapels of Rob's jacket, tugs him in*
Robert: *backing away, hands up* What are you doing?
Rebecca: C'mon Robert. Naïve never suited you.
Robert: You think I'm here because I can't keep my hands off you? (should be noted that his hands are still not on her, nor do they touch her once during the entirety of this scene or any other scene the two of them share)
Rebecca: *going for the belt, literally* One way to be sure.

(Robert: huh. You know, I've never tried that move on Aaron before. Must. Remember.)

Me: But…but…you are finding out? His hands are literally up in the air. Not on you. So…apparently he can keep them off?
Robert: When are you gonna get it through your skull that I love Aaron?
Me: This is ED's message to fans. Robert loves Aaron, yeah? So shut up about how he's gonna cheat, dammit.
Robert: Exactly
Rebecca: What?
Me: Nothing. Continue.
Rebecca: Since when have you let a thing like fidelity get in the way of what you wanted?
Robert: *looking incredibly skeptical* And that's you?
Me: Nah. That was Aaron. At the lay by. In the barn. The hotel. Home Farm. The pub. Pretty much anywhere you could get your hands on him without Chrissie noticing. This is actually kind of painful, really.
Rebecca: Fine. You're in to men. In which case, going with me won't count.
Robert: Do you have any self-respect?
Me: Nope. Doesn't look like it.
Rebecca: Say you love him all you like. But he can't give you what I can and you know it.
Me: But can you give him that really good dicking he so obviously craves, Bex?
Robert: Easy
Me: Sorry. Carry on.

Robert walks off disgustedly, like a good lovesick little muppet

Rebecca: Dad's going to retire soon. *Robert stops, because his money senses are tingling* Dead heading his roses or whatever. You and me, we could run this place. *steps forward, back into Robert's space* So the question you have to ask yourself is, just how gay are you? *reaches up and cups Robert's neck (AND OH MY GOD I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE EMMERDALE. HOW DID I MISS THIS THE FIRST THIRTY GO ROUNDS??? EEEEEEE), fingers sliding just a little bit into his hair (OH YOU BEAUTIFUL BASTARDS I LOVE YOU)*
Robert: *is conflicted, because he loves Aaron, but he loves money, too*

It should be noted that when she does the above, Robert flinches back just slightly. He doesn't want her touching him, okay? He looks conflicted, like he might be considering it, but that flinch, right there? Yeah, no. It tells the full story. To quote Liv (where has that girl been, anyway?): So. Not. Into. You.

Later, Vic enters the kitchen of the pub to find Robert looking like this:

Knowing Robert, as we all do, she immediately gets that he's done something.

Robert: You can't tell anyone. Especially not Aaron
Fandom: FUCKER
Me: Bwahahaha oh man they are really trying to make out like he slept with her, aren't they?
Vic: Please tell me you haven't done anything stupid

Vic: You dumb shit (okay, what she really says is "Aw, no. Yep, you have," but "you dumb shit" is what she means)
Robert: It's not what I've done. It's what I'm about to do.

(and is it just me, or is that face not particularly remorseful looking? You know, I was thinking on it, and if you watch this scene with the knowledge that Robert doesn't cheat, isn't interested in Rebecca, and has decided that Aaron is the one for him, you can kind of see his nerves. He's planning on asking Aaron to marry him, it's a big step, he wants Vic to assure him it's the right one for them. Not because he thinks it's a mistake, but because Robert probably rightfully has reservations about it. Look how long his marriage to Chrissie lasted, after all. He never even got to the altar with Katie. I think that there is a good reason for him to be hesitant about it, even if it is something he wants. And I know that Vic is his only real confidant aside from Aaron (and seriously, that needs to change. Someone find Robert Sugden some friends), but he had to have known that she would tell him to go for it. Vic has been their biggest supporter from the beginning)


And then of course Robert goes back to Home Farm, and Rebecca is in that lovely robe that I want for my very own, and there is a kiss, one that he participates in. And we're all meant to think that that was what Robert meant by the "something stupid" that he was about to do. Well, all of us who don't obsessively read all the spoilers, that is. So, one of us, haha. But I will get to my thoughts, and to that scene. First, my darling Aaron!

In a scene that really has nothing to do with him yet (but has him there because dammit, it is about time that they showed that he is a part of Paddy and Leo's life, also all of them are too fucking cute together yay) he is with Paddy, Rhona, Marlon, Carly, and little Leo in the pub after Leo's play. Good natured teasing and picture taking happens, and Aaron is wearing my favorite green jumper and laughing at Paddy and I love him and want him this happy and giggly always:

Seriously, just look at his little face:

Meanwhile, at Home Farm:

Rebecca: Twice in one day. Good thing you caught me; I was just about to take a soak in the bath.
Robert: In the middle of the day (dear God he is such an old man I can't even)?
Rebecca: You're welcome to join me. Or is that too racy for your new boring lifestyle?
Me: Boring? Two weeks ago he was hanging upside down from a tree. I wouldn't call that bori-oh, you mean Aaron. Again. Never mind *sigh*
Robert: It might be for Chrissie's
Rebecca: Like I said, no one's back for hours
Robert: Yeah well, I doubt we'll need that long.

There's something weird in the way he's acting here. And no, before you ask, I don't think that it's a cheating thing. It's…he's all soft voice, looking down (at Rebecca's legs or the floor? Can't tell), kind of smiling. Honestly it sounds like he's talking to himself, not her.

Rebecca: *striding towards him* Hope you're not losing your touch since you came out. Maybe I can help with that. *grabs his lapel; meets him in a kiss because yes, Robert is leaning down for it and he DOES participate, if only barely*

They pull back and she's all smiley; so is Robert, actually.

Robert: Thank you
Rebecca: *smugly* For what?
Robert: For proving that I feel absolutely nothing for you
Rebecca: *stung* So why did you come back?
Robert: To tell you that I thought about your offer
Rebecca: And?
Me: SERIOUSLY? Does he really have to spell it out for you? REALLY? *thinks a moment about the DS forums and tumblr and twitter and the general batshit that is fandom* Oh hell. Carry on.
Robert: I'm gonna pass.

Unbeknownst to both of them (I think - but more on that later), Creeper Lachlan has entered the scene, and is now listening at the very conveniently partially open door. Robert, your plans suck a lot. Like a lot a lot.

Rebecca: Let me guess. You're a one man-man.
Robert: *irritated* I think they call it loyalty. You should try it.
Me: With who, though? Are you reprimanding her for playing her family right now? Seriously? You? Robert, I love you, but you have issues. And also: Robert Sugden, ladies and gentlemen. Growing the fuck up, finally.
Rebecca: You made a load of promises like that to Chrissie once. How did that work out for you?
Me: *looks at all the gifs of Robert getting it on with Aaron while with Chrissie, thinks about where they are now* Admittedly, very badly for Chrissie. Not so badly for Robert, though. In the end.
Robert: It turns out Chrissie was a blood sucking parasite. It's my fault for marrying her for money.
Rebecca: You got into bed with the wrong sister. I could have given you it all. Still could.
Me: Rebecca. Stop. Stop. This is getting pathetic and it's starting to make me feel bad.
Robert: Sleeping with you is too easy. We did enough of that when me and Chrissie were together. No, I'm going to make her suffer way more.
Rebecca: So cheating on her with her own sister and your boyfriend wasn't enough for you?
Robert: Don't feel sorry for her. She deserves everything she's got coming.
Me: Huh. I don't think I realized just how much Robert hates Chrissie until this moment.

Robert goes to leave, and Lachlan bolts away from the door.

Rebecca: Robert, wait! One last kiss, to show that there are no hard feelings?
Me: The fuck you playing at, sister?
Robert: And that's it; you're gonna leave Aaron out of it?
Rebecca: You have my word.

Robert gives a slight nod and they both start leaning in. Rebecca's smug again. I think I might get it. If he goes back a second time, she can tell herself (and later Aaron, because don't think for a second that she meant what she said about leaving him out of this) that if he was so very turned off by her, he wouldn't have gone back. And she might not be wrong, but obviously she doesn't know Robert as well as she thinks, because he is totally fucking with her. His eyes don't even close.

Robert: *pulling back* I'm sorry, I just…you don't do it for me anymore.

And then he bounces, leaving Rebecca a mix of hurt and furious in his wake. And yeah, that is probably going to come to bite him in the ass later, but damned if I didn't love that whole scene anyway. I have seen the theory floating around on tumbr that Robert was testing himself, to make sure that he really wasn't into Bex like that, or to see if he could avoid the temptation to cheat when it was literally standing right in front of him in a skimpy robe (hi future robe I love you)…but I don't think that I agree. I think that Robert went back for one reason and one reason only. To show Rebecca (and the viewers) once and for all that he is sticking with Aaron. He kissed her because if he hadn't, she would never have let up (not that she's going to anyway, thank you spoilers - Bex is a weird one). She would have convinced herself that he still wanted her, of course he did, he was keeping out of her way because he was too tempted by what she was offering him, etc. And I think that the audience never would have felt secure either. We'd always be waiting for the other shoe to drop, for Robert to finally just give in and take what Rebecca was offering. This way we know that he could have taken it, but he doesn't want to. I love it, to be honest. And that last bit, with him agreeing to one last kiss…that was purely to fuck with her because she just. Wasn't. Getting it.

I had thought that she might know that Creeper Lachlan was creeping, and that is why she stopped Robert from leaving, but upon rewatch I don't think so.

Creepy Lachlan plays a weird ass computer game where a bobble Robert is getting shot by a bobble Aaron. I don't get that. Part of me is thinking that game is foreshadowing Aaron somehow hurting Robert, but probably it is just something to do with Lachlan being a fucking psycho and everyone thinking that Aaron had shot Robert before. In the game Aaron's wearing the green jumper and Robert a blue shirt. Is it the blue shirt with elbow pads, though? These are the important questions.

In the pub kitchens, Vic is conspicuously checking to see that Aaron is not about. She pops back over to Robert, looking excited. I love Vic. Robert, however, looks twitchy. Haha he's already nervous I can't even.

Vic: Right, we're good
Robert: Are you certain?

Robert: *Reaches into his pocket, stops, sighs, shifts* What if he freaks out?
Vic: The only person who's gonna freak is me if you don't get on with it.

So Robert gets his shit together (briefly) and pulls this out of his pocket:

Vic just stares at it for a moment, and Robert goes back to twitching.

Robert: What, you hate it?
Vic: *all teary eyed and soppy* It's perfect

And she isn't wrong. That ring is incredibly Aaron. Good one, Sugden.

Robert: *relieved, but deflecting like the raging ass he is*: It should be, for that price.
Vic: *totally exasperated* Are you sure about this?
Robert: No, you're right. I thought I might knock it on the head. Of course I am; I wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't.
Vic: I can't believe it. You and Aaron. Married.

And okay, I can't get a good pic of it, but Robert immediately looks like a besotted idiot. His mouth twitches into this little half smile and his whole face just softens and it's actually super adorable. It's only a half an hour show and there are other things going on, right, so it's not like we get to see all the build up to this, but…right in that moment, it is obvious that Robert wants this, a lot.

But then he has to temper it with: "Well he hasn't said yes yet." Totally and adorably looking for reassurance although he must know that Aaron wants this. He wasn't exactly subtle about it.

Vic: Oh, but he will. I know it.

She's so excited for him. From the first she has been encouraging Robert to just admit that he loves Aaron and wants to be with him. I love Vic because she always believes the best of Robert; she knows that there's a sweet, vulnerable man in there and she just wants him to be happy. And Robert responds to that, just like he responds to the way that Aaron loves him. It's sweet and wonderful that Vic is the one that he goes to about this, because she is the one person who has always supported them with no caveats. She just…sees how happy they make each other and loves them both. She's the best.

Robert gets all thoughtful for a moment, very sober.

Vic: Oh, well, you could look happier.
Robert: No, I am. It's just…this time to tomorrow things are going to completely change, forever.
Me: Cute, Emmerdale. Very cute. Fuck you.

And okay, I know what they are doing. I know that they are going for ominous here, foreshadowing possible death for Rob and/or Aaron, but I get this from Robert's perspective, too. Since he started up with Aaron again, the boy has been so very careful. Not in the "walking on eggshells otherwise Aaron won't love me" sense, but more in the "Being this happy is terrifying because I know what I stand to lose if I screw it up" sense. He doesn't have the best track record, our Robert, and I think that it does worry him. He's obviously not afraid to argue with Aaron about things - if he were he might as well pack it in now because those two are always going to butt heads; they can't help it - but he is afraid of his own propensity for wandering when things get comfortable. I truly believe that he isn't going to wander with Aaron (at least not until ED needs some drama), but I get the worry. I get the hesitation. As many issues as Aaron might have with Robert's past, I think that Robert might have just as many. They'll get through it though. I have to believe that.

DUDE. I just had a thought. What if what happens to Aaron ends up being down to Pierce? I mean, I get that there's all this teasing about Pierce and Paddy, but what if what happens is that Pierce goes after Paddy and Aaron somehow gets in the way? Look, they literally had Marlon saying "he's gonna get you Aaron" while Pierce looked creepily over at the happy little group. That isn't a hint; that's an anvil. Something is going to go down with Pierce and Aaron. Calling it now. Oh God, what if he thinks that he's - oh god. What if that blue car is Paddy's and Aaron borrows it and PIERCE HAS DONE SOMETHING TO IT? So like ROBERT falls off of the quarry and AARON goes in to save him, and he gets him out and bundled into his car…and then all hell breaks loose and whatever sabotage that Pierce planned for Paddy's car happens and the vehicle spins out of control…OR. OR. Even better. An ambulance comes and takes Robert to hospital, and Aaron is following, and THEN it all goes down. Robert perfectly safe, but with no idea that Aaron is fighting for his life behind him? THAT would be interesting.

If it's Robert fighting for his life on Friday then I'm not going to worry at all. I know that Ryan Hawley has signed a contract, because I remember reading it. But I think that Aaron is due a coma scene.

Right. SO anyway, Aaron is still hanging with Marlon, Rhona, Leo, and Carly when Robert comes swooping out of the back with intent.

Aaron follows his weird boyfriend to the toilets, and then Robert proceeds to grab Aaron by his belt and tug him in, and then just fucking devours him, hands on face, heavy breathing, pushing him back into walls. Giving me a fucking heart attack, in short.

And then this happens:

And I am completely fucking undone.

I just…wow. Parallels are a huge thing for me, and I have noticed that ED does them a lot, especially with Robert and Aaron. They have deliberately set up a lot of parallels to their early relationship as well as the Chrissie and Robert relationship, and here is one in the same fucking episode and I love it. I love it.



In both of the Rebecca instances, it's awkward, uncomfortable, Robert is noticeably not into it.

But the Aaron ones…well, Robert initiates the belt move…you just know when Rebecca pulled it on him he was like "okay, that would be so hot to try on Aaron." Either way, dude. And when Aaron goes for his neck it just cranks the heat for them both. The both of them are so ramped up that they probably just went on to have sex right there. That is what Robert Sugden looks like when he can't keep his hands off of someone. Seriously, even when he was all over Chrissie after every fight with Aaron he wasn't like this. He wasn't this desperate to get somewhere, anywhere that he could just put his hands on her. As soon as he had some semblance of privacy with Aaron he was all over him. And it was good. And a thousand Robron fans exploded tumblr and twitter with gif after gif, and it was amazing.

And now there's Monday and I'm dying because I know better than to think that so much good stuff comes out of a soap without a price. But for now, I am happily taking what I can get and running with it.

If things go well on Friday, expect more of these. Will probably go back and do it from the beginning, if I get enough motivation. Right now I am obsessed so I think I will find it.
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