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American Horror Story

So Dylan McDermott is Son of Bloodyface? Yeah, called that shit. Also called that Lana would be the mother.

Oh man, I just love me some Possessed!Sister ME. She is so wonderfully diabolical. I love it. I do kind of wonder what will happen with Sister Jude now that she's been diagnosed as a murdering crazypants. And hot priest, you seriously are getting absolutely no sympathy from me. You are allowing yourself to be led because it is easier than-IS LANA GOING TO TRY TO GIVE HERSELF A COAT HANGER ABORTION? WHAT. THE. FUCK. Is wrong with this show?

I do kind of wonder if hot priest had a thing for Jude, too, or if he was only using her obvious thing for him. I am leaning towards the HOLY SHIT COAT HANGER ABORTION.

Man, hot priest is an idiot. You know what though? Crazy Santa acting like he's seen the Light and found God kind of makes me giggle hysterically, though. I don't know why.

So no coat hanger abortion then? Thank goodness. That might have been far too much for me. Though I don't know that I could blame her if she decided to have one, considering. And I', kind of all for the Death of Bloodyface, though I don't think that is going to happen. Ryan Murphy loves Zach Quinto, so I am sure he is sticking around for the long haul. I thought she would tell him, but what is her go-COAT HANGER ABORTION! Or not. Please stop threatening me with the coat hanger abortion, please. It freaks me out. Are they recording this? HOLY FUCKING COAT HANGER ABORTION BATMAN. Honestly, I don't think she really did it. Still, crazy bent on revenge Lana might become one of my favorites.

RUN, Kit! RUUUUUN!!! I just want Kit to get the hell out, to be honest. He is the only character I feel totally sympathetic towards. Does Dr. Arden really believe in the aliens, now? Really? Really?

Oh hot priest, you obviously did not make it this far on your brains, did you? Bye-bye, hot priest. You were an idiot, and kind of a douche, but you were hot, and you will be missed.

Oh, Lana. Misplacing your Bloodyface already? One might think you're careless.

And what is it with Ryan Murphy and death babies? And what does Possessed!ME care if Lana was successful in her abortion attempt or not? Please tell me McDermott isn't the antichrist or something equally stupid. Please. Tell me that Possessed!ME just likes chaos and suffering, and therefore is enjoying Lana's panic and terror for the fun of it rather than because it has some Meaning. Please.

Man, did everyone hate Sister Jude? Hm, I wonder if she and Lana will bond now. Or, Or Lana will keep her new awesome and stare Jude down. Love it.

Oh, Kit. Please stop trusting Arden. He is evil and in cahoots with the devil. No, really.

Seriously, another magic baby? Hi, Grace! You're looking creepy and pregnant! So is Kit dead or what?

Angel of Death, coming for a hot, crucified priest. That shouldn't have made me giggle. My goodness, I suck.

*watches preview* So wait, what. Kit is probably dead but hot priest gets to live? And Doc Arden is going to deliver Grace's Magic Baby? Why do I end every single episode of this show going WTF?

I am so excited for Guillermo Del Torro's new movie! Eeee!
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