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American Horror Story Time! (mostly)

Due to job stress and a suddenly busy schedule, I have missed most of my kdrama fun for a while. I Miss You, for example, has been...well...missed for a good long while. Long enough so that I haven't even been keeping up with recaps (though the girls at Dramabeans have given the show up as a lost cause, koala seems to have fallen in love with it, and has started recapping), but I will eventually catch up I am sure.

Full House 2, on the other hand, is still amusing the hell out me. They changed Man Ok's horrible hair, which is great, except that hair was totally growing on me, and I don't really care for the new 'do even a little bit. Ah, well. So long as they don't change Tae Ik's glorious curly head at all. I do wonder if perhaps now that Man Ok knows that Kang Hwi is going blind, she will pull a Noble Idiot and decide that his happiness is more important than her own and Tae Ik's...although to be perfectly honest, this drama might have me leaning more towards the OT3 than most, simply because I kind of love the bromance between younger! Kang Hwi and Tae Ik, I like Man Ok's relationship with both of them, and I think that Kang Hwi is the first second lead that this long into the drama, I still wouldn't mind if he got the girl. Basically I don't want Man Ok to choose one and leave the other in the cold, and I think that those two still care for each other too much to want to see the other unhappy. Also, Tae Ik and Kang Hwi have already kissed. So clearly, an OT3 is the only way to go.

And Nice Guy must still be watched at some point. But now I don't know that I'll have the awesome buffer of Full House 2 to counteract the angst. Eh, I'll find something.

Oh, Possessed!ME is wonderfully insane. I love her.

Huh. Why is Frank the security guard so nice? I am not used to that guy playing nice people...weird.

Oh, Sister Jude, you poor soul. You should know better than to pick on Possessed!ME. She's delightfully insane, but I don't want her to kill you. I love Jessica Lange far too much to want to see her character bite it. Aw, are they going to kill Frank? I should have figured that out when he turned out to actually have a conscience...

And again, I can't get a hold on Sister Jude. Is she - oh hey, look, crazy Santa killer man pulled a Hannibal Lecter.

"...and five men held you down and took your virginity. Well, the first one did. The others took your dignity, your self-esteem, and most importantly, your Christmas spirit." Oh, Possessed!ME, never change. That really, really shouldn't have been half as funny as it was. Ooh, the Doc brought Possessed!ME a pressie. And wow, does he ever know how to impress. Rubies from one of the Jewish women that he killed who died in the camps while he was doing his Nazi thing. Oh, he wanted her to freak out. Wow, I agree with Possessed!ME, Doc. You're kind of pathetic, especially considering the shit you've been pulling on people you're supposed to be helping.

Oh, Sister Jude. You have so lost it. As I was saying about her earlier, before Santa Man went all bitey, I can't get a read on her. Does she really want to help people? Does she really care? Or is she a complete sadist? I'n beginning to think that it is a bit of both, to be honest. And a visit from the Doc. "She doesn't know I'm here". I'm calling bullshit on this one, my dear. I think that you are far too much of a weasel not to side with the possessed nun, simply out of fear of your own hide. If you're very lucky, she might even play innocent virgin for you, you sick fuck.

Oh, hey, hot priest. Oh, stop flattering Possessed!ME. You're also a weasel. Granted, a hot weasel, but a weasel nonetheless.

Poor, poor Kit. I feel so badly for him. The poor kid. Lana, I'm actually warming up to you, but do us all a favor and be a bit more helpful, mmkay? Or you could continue pointing out the obvious, I guess. I say again, poor, poor Kit. That kid is so good at crying, though.

Brief Interruption Time: OOOH COMMERCIAL FOR A HORROR FLICK! YEEEEEEEEEEEES! You can always tell...Texas Chainsaw Massacre? That's what it looks like. Yep. Too bad. I was kind of excited.

Sister Jude, my love, when will you realize that you are not working with Crazy Doc? For the love of all that is good and holy, hot weasel, will you freaking stop flirting with your damn nuns? Seriously, dude, you should know better than to pull this.

Called the evil Santa attacking Frank. And WOW, Possessed!NE, you are most certainly one cold bitch. And yes, I still love you. If you were wondering. Again, told you, Sister Jude, Doc is not your friend. Did not call them locking Crazy Santa in the office with her, though.

Oh, hey, Dr. Bloodyface. How you doin'?

And Another Commercial Interruption: HI,, MARTIN FREEMAN! I am probably going to see your movie because I think you are adorable and I'm kind of missing your face on my screen. Yep, that alone is enough for me to put my money in your pocket. Just so you know

I do love that Possessed!ME really enjoys taunting the Doc, doesn't she?

"I opened my heart to made me give you my intimacy" Oh, Doc Bloodyface, you really, really need help. Oh man is he telling Lana that he's going to WEAR HER FACE? Hi, Kit! I hope you can stay for a while!

Oooh, is he going to whip Sister Jude with her own cane? Yes, yes he is. Wowsa.


Holy shit, is he going to incinerate Grace's body? Wait, what? More aliens? Jesus? What? What?

Oh, I like Lana when she's threatening people's lives.

Looks like next week Sister Jude becomes an inmate, and that hot weasel priest is all conflicted. Because he thinks she's possessed? Hee. And more awesome!Lana. Oh, honey, you keep being all murderous and I might just find myself loving you despite your irritating as hell lisp.

Til next week!
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