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So I missed the last two episodes (unless there wasn't one on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving), but now I am back, apparently just in time for rape, yeehaw. I don't know if I am going to continue watching after that shit. I don't do rape. I might stick around, though, because for some reason it didn't get to me at all. And after, just before Lana kills Quinto doc, I was kind of cracking up, what with his "I really don't want to hurt you, so how do you want to die?" speech.

Oh hey, it's the old lady from last season! And she's the Angel of Death? Iiiinteresting. And apparently she and Sister Jude are buds. Who knew?

Hm. Possessed!Sister Mary Eunice continues to be awesome.

Aw, Grace and Kit are kind of adorable together, aaand, now we have zombies. Did we know we had zombies? Oh, pooh, dead Grace? Seriously, that old lady Death is everywhere this episode, isn't she? Seriously, I liked her well enough last season, and think I might like her better this one, but if I have to wonder who's gonna die every single time she appears she might wear out her welcome fairly quickly.

I am glad that Sister Jude lived to survive until...what might be next episode. Looks like Sister ME is going to be letting her possessed flag fly. Fun!

So Sister Jude hasn't left yet this episode. Got it. Heh! Okay, I shouldn't be half so amused by the killer kid, but I am. I love her emotionless little delivery after killing her friend. And mum thought she was normal at some point?

Oh man Thresden is a psycho. Did he bring in her bed from home and everything? Oh, of course it's mommy issues. Why is it always mommy issues? Oh Lana, don't try to get on his good side. He is a crazy person. Oh my goodness he is so so nuts. This is kind of the best thing ever. Why oh why did they have to throw in rape? His insane mommy issues are so much more fun. Watching him snuggle a dead body is hilarious. Seriously, this is explaining NOTHING. Why murder at all? I really, really - oh, okay. It's because he's a fucking NUT. Aw, he's making Lana his new mummy. How sweet. Until next episode, of course.

Hi, creepy killer kid! Oooh, I like her coat.

Hi, Joseph Fiennes! You're much less hot in those glasses of yours. Oh, thank you for taking them off. Yeah, dude, that's Shelly, because your pet doctor is just another psycho in a place that's full of them, But then you knew that, didn't you? Huh, did hot priest start off decent? it sure looks like it. OH, you lying liar who LIES, Doc Arden. Lying. Liar. Who LIES! I mean, yes, you do know just the right buttons to push, but man, manipulating the priest's wish to both help humanity and get kudos from the Vatican is cold. Hey, he just said "pussy" on TV. Can they say "pussy" on TV? Ooh, is he gonna show hot priest the zombies (he's making zombies, you know. Found this out tonight). What's he got on hot priest? Is the real danger Sister Jude?

Heh the little girl is so going to try and kill Sister ME ("shit". They said "shit"), and Sister ME is-totally going to encourage her to kill more people? And then give her a knife to play with? Oh, sweet.

And yes, the threat is Sister Jude. Hot priest, you are such an ass. I hope you are aware that you no longer have any moral ground upon which to stand. Your only saving grace is that you are hotter than Doc Arden.

Yeah, all the tension is gone from this scene, because I already know from the episode I saw before this that he doesn't kill her. Sorry, tension.

Possessed Sister ME is going to get her muuurdeeer on. Is she doing this to help the doc? Why? Hopefully it will all be explained. Maybe she's doing it for pure funsies? Her stealing Sister Jude's red lingerie. Yes, thanks for asking the important questions Doc. Huh.

Oh that girl. I kind of love her, even if she is a murdering psychopath.

Yeah, still no tension. And ew, so he was stalking her before the asylum? Sooooo creepy. You know what makes this whole role-play he's forcing her into so much creepier? The fact that HE THEN PROCEEDS TO RAPE HER. You are one sick fuck, Thresden.

Also, if Bloody Face is Quinto, and Bloody Face killed those people (in the future!), then is Thresden still alive? Is he a zombie? WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?

I have officially lost my shit, because I kind of love Man-Ok's hair now.

And Nice Guy is going to have to wait a bit, for I am swamped the next couple of weekends. But it is still on the schedule, never fear.
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