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I think I made a mistake with Nice Guy. I put off watching from the beginning because I didn't want to be on tenterhooks freaking the fuck out about where things were going to go, so I didn't let my wish to watch really get to me until I found out that it was to be 20 episodes instead of the expected 16. Then I said fuck it, and started reading recaps, and obsessed all the more. Well, now that I know where everything ends up, and I got to witness Maru In Love With Eun Gi and see just how deep his martyr tendencies go (oh, so deep. Seriously, everything bad ever is not your fault, Maru, much as you wish it were. Shockingly enough, adults make their own choices, and if you were allowed to make the decision to go to prison for Jae Hee, so was she equally as free to tell you to go to hell...or let you do it, which is totally why she called you in the first place. She set your ass up, not because she had nowhere else to turn, but because she knew that you would take the fall. Think about it. Jackass), I kind of...don't want to see him be an idiot in love with Jae Hee or an obsessed freak doing is best to get Jae Hee back while ruining her life. I already feel ambivalent about the guy after only bothering with the last half of the show, so how will I feel about him when he's off being that much of an asshole? Exactly.

Then again, I love Eun Gi, and from what I have been seeing she starts off pretty freaking awesome, and continues awesoming for most of the series, aside from one or two bumps and possibly a bout of amnesia. It will probably be worth it to watch her awesome all over the place (honestly, I kind of want to look up everything Moon Chae Won has ever done, I love Eun Gi that much), and as I said before, I never fully warmed up to Maru anyway, so if I come out of this even less able to see him as a great guy I don't think it'll make much difference.

Also I am quite curious to see how I respond to Jae Hee. I have to admit that I almost liked her by the end of what I saw of Nice Guy, and I am awfully curious to see if that will change after watching from the beginning.

So yes, I think I will watch. But it will be put on the back burner for now, because I need a good long weekend to be able to just sit and marinade in the angst and drama and tears. I think it could be a very nice reprieve from my inevitable terror after playing all my shiny new horror games. Just the thing.

Speaking of angst and drama and tears...I have to admit that I Miss You is looking to knock Nice Guy right out of it's title as "Angstiest Drama of the Year (That random_glitch Has Watched, At Any Rate). Four episodes in and we have murder, bullying, misunderstandings, revenge, kidnapping, and rape. Fuck me. I didn't realize that I signed up for an angst fest this drama go-round, but apparently I did. This drama is looking to be so heartwrenching that I wind up using the freaking horror games as a way to take a break from the tears. And yet I can't simply put it aside, because it's already so good. The acting is phenomenal, and it's really pretty, to boot. Those two kids are going places: I already love their characters and want their happy ending no matter what, and we haven't even gotten to their adult versions yet. I'm incredibly worried that this one will end in badness, as hey, flashforwards show adult!Jung-woo with a bullet in his head. Oh, and also because one of the oft used phrases in the damn drama happens to be "I'm not crying, it's just the wind in my eyes". Fucking really, drama? I am hoping that things get a big happier as we go on, for if it is just to be relentless angst all the way through it might wear me out to the point that I stop caring. It's a fine line that I Miss You has to walk, and so far I think it's edging a little bit over, but it can easily be brought back. I look forward to seeing where it goes, but it has to come back, because recaps are thin on the ground (koala isn't recapping it, and the lovely ladies at Dramabeans announced that they wouldn't be continuing, either, due to the angst) and thus if I find I can't bear to watch it I can't even stalk it properly. We shall see.

However, it isn't all doom and gloom this go-round, for there is Full House Take 2 to interject some hilarity and crack into the proceedings. I wasn't going to watch it at first, because though I loved the first Full House, the last few episodes kind of fell flat for me. Pretty much every episode after Rain leaves and gives his press conference saying that because he loves his wife, he is going to leave her sucked for me. Things just got a little too convoluted. Also I liked Ji Eun's hair better when it was permed. What is it with Kdramas and straightening/cutting the hair to show the passage of time? Now that I think about it, Maru's head of curly hair was much cuter than the "bangs are trying to fly away" style they had Song Joong Ki sporting after the time-skip, though Jae Hee's new 'do was pretty rockin'. Anyway, because of this, I was very, very wary of taking on Take 2, and probably would have skipped it...had I not learned that there are male lead kisses in the very first episode! That was enough to make me check it out, and then there was the added bonus of the show being kind of hilarious and totally on crack. I just hope it stays that way, because it has me giggling and I love it to bits. Also, I'm digging the perm on Tae-ik, and I know that they're going to do away with it and it makes me sad. This time, though, I really don't get why I prefer the perm, as it isn't horribly flattering. But I do. I really, really do. I really enjoy both of the leads too, which is nice, and Man-ok is absolutely adorable and I love her, despite her godawful hair. This is the drama that will help to balance the tears and angst, so I hope and pray it stays cracky and doesn't run into full-tilt melodrama on me. Please stay crazy, Take 2.

So that is it for my dramas. If you ask me, it's a pretty full load to watch, but I think I can handle it. I guess the real question is can anyone who bothers reading this journal? :D
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